Imagination is everything, especially when reality is utterly questionable.


Let Your Ears

Imagine if all sound just stopped.

The wind would move the trees and in those trees birds would sing,
But not the faintest rustling nor note could be coaxed to the ear,
No bland nattering, jokes or philosophising,
Watch the road more carefully.

Television reduced to mute vessel of info-tainment ,
The charmless, liquid crystal rebirth of Lloyd or Chaplin,
In Saturday-night white teeth and pyrotechnics,
And ticker-tape news stories subtitling the anchors silent lips
With silent motion reaching for the switch,
It’s action suggesting the familiar click,
But none comes.
Plunged into a deeper silence now,
A background devoid of knocking pipes,
And talking, clattering neighbours,
The kettle boils but can’t be heard.
Look out at the silent, car-strewn city,
The wind-whipped, silent con-trail sky,
See further than before when noise leashed the mind to the common world.
The steady, soundless pressure of a heartbeat,
Coursing blood sings no song but it still brings life,
The noiseless
Rise and fall,
Rise and fall,
Of breathing lungs.

And this vast quiet, stretching further than the eye can see,
The mind free of the common world to find it’s own gentle pasture,
To dance to it’s own rhythm and
Focus more intently on the clear-sky, new-born path,
And listen like never before.


Great performance of a Cage classic: